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Ep.2 – Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

Listen and connect your mind and body with Sa Ta Na Ma meditation

March 30, 2020

Episode 2: Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

Recording Date: 2/5/2018


Keywords: Meditation, Visualization, Chanting

Episode Summary: This episode, recorded in February 2018, discusses meditation and its different forms with a focus on chanting and visualization. Listen and connect your mind and body with the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.

Topical Index: - Intro [0:22] - Mantra and Mudra Meaning [2:33] - Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra Meaning [3:24] - Guyan/Sa Mudra Description [5:25] - Shuni/Ta Mudra Description [6:04] - Surya/Na Mudra Description [6:39] - Buddhi/Ma mudra Description [7:16] - Visualization [7:59] - Meditation and Visualization Exercise [9:01] - Sa Ta Na Ma chant [11:55]


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