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Ep.6 – S3 Ep6: Stretching Our Emotions Out with Tracy

June 11, 2020

Season 3 - Episode 6: Stretching Our Emotions Out with Tracy

Recording Date:

May 4, 2020


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Keywords: Self-Care, Stress Relief, Myofascial Release, Myofascial Unwinding, Relaxation, Deep Breathing, Mindfulness

_Episode introduction:_In this episode, Tracy leads listeners through an exercise to help relieve stress and tension that our bodies may be holding onto.

Topical Index:

  • Introduction [00:09]
  • Principles of Myofascial Release [2:14]
  • Exercise Begins, Scanning Body, Releasing Tension [3:24]
  • Gratitude [20:28]
  • Peace [21:45]
  • Closing [23:31]

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