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Ep.9 – Letting Go to Grow - 11/5/2018

April 6, 2020

Episode : Letting Go to Grow

Recording Date:

November 5, 2018


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Keywords: Change, Seasons, Nature, Growth, Visualization, Deep Breathing, New, Fall

Episode summary: In this episode, Jessica Stover from Networks guides listeners through a deep-breathing and visualization exercise where they are encouraged to imagine themselves as an extension of the nature all around them. Like the changing trees of Fall, listeners shed old behaviors that may have been holding them back to make room for new mindsets and new growth.

_Topical Index: _

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • Seasonal transitions and energy [01:53]
  • Tris Thorpe – The Chopra Center [02:16]
  • Letting Go to Grow visualization [03:29]

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