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S6:E5 – Spring Is Springing

August 16, 2023

Spring Is Springing

Recording Date: May 1, 2023

Transcripts: Download transcript HERE

Keywords: Healing Circle, Jessica Stover, Networks for Training and Development, spring, signs of spring, time of growth, growth and renewal, change, spring cleaning, guided meditation

Summary: Jessica Stover leads today's healing circle with a conversation about Spring, this time of growth, and renewal, and change. Jessica explores the embracing of change, and taking the opportunity for a bit of "spring cleaning". She leads the group in a guided meditation.

Topical Index:

  • Introductions [00:00]
  • The clockwork of Spring [00:21]
  • Life changes [02:23]
  • Growth and rebirth [04:10]
  • Adapt, Accept, Move Forward [05:12]
  • Guided meditation [06:20]
  • Closing [19:08]

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