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Ep.4 – What's In Your Backpack?

November 5, 2021

Episode 4:4 - What’s In Your Backpack?

Recording Date: April 5, 2021

Transcript: Download available here: Keywords: Visualization, Letting Go, Calm, Relax, Mindfulness, Wellness Episode summary introduction: What’s in your backpack? Are you carrying all of your fears, worries and anxieties around with you? Listen to Tracy Lapreziosa as she guides listeners through a visualization exercise all about letting go of the heavy stuff and making space for moving forward. Topical Index: Introduction [0:22] A Year Ago [0:56] Weight of the world [2:13] What’s in your backpack? [4:37] ·      Link to book, The Path of the Dreamhealer: What are you leaving behind? [6:40] Stones and bricks [8:54] Release [9:43] Universal energy [12:54] Gratitude [14:28] Closing [16:31]

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