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S6:E2 – When to Cut Bait

July 21, 2023

When to Cut Bait

Recording Date: February 6, 2023

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Keywords: Relaxation, meditation, healing circle, beginnings, Networks for Training and Development, Rosa McAllister, decision making, holding on, letting go, when to cut bait

Summary: Rosa McAllister leads a reflection on holding on and letting go, and our journey to "Cut Bait". Join us as you reflect on your own personal decision making, and let's think about When Do We Cut Bait.

Topical. Index:

  • Introductions / Opening [00:00]
  • Resolutions Undone [03:18]
  • "Cutting Bait" [04:19]
  • Holding on too long [06:57]
  • When do YOU cut bait? [15:00]
  • Closing [17:20]

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