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S5:E9 – Fall Approaches

April 28, 2023

Fall Approaches

Recording Date: October 5, 2022

Transcript: Download Transcript HERE.

Summary: Jessica Stover leads the call as she guides us through embracing what fall has to offer us. Jess leads two guided meditations - the first an exercise in "letting go," honoring autumn's call to "shed" the old and embrace the new. The second is a brief relaxation exercise.

Keywords: guided meditation, letting go, healing circle, Networks' Healing Circle, embracing the fall

Topical Index:

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • Fall - positives and negatives [00:20]
  • Aligning with autumn's rhythm [02:13]
  • A time to "shed" the old and embrace the new [03:06]
  • Guided meditation of letting go [03:55]
  • Relaxation guided meditation [10:20]
  • Closing [13:35]

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