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Ep.7 – Finding Your Fireworks

November 5, 2021

Episode 4:07: Finding Your Fireworks

Recording Date: July 5, 2021 Transcript: Download available here - Keywords: fireworks, July 4th, celebrating independence, celebrating freedom, whose freedom, what is Independence Day, Episode summary introduction: A look at the July 4th celebration, and the differing perspective of this holiday depending on from whose perspective you are looking. Learning to celebrate who we truly are. Topical Index: Introduction [00:18] Celebration of freedom [03:29] Childhood memories [05:20] Celebration not shared by all [08:45] Native Hawaiian perspective [09:38] Whose independence? [11:06] Veteran’s perspective [14:00] Women’s perspective [15:38] What are we celebrating [16:17] Closing [18:32] Subscribe to our podcast.  

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